Slayers Satin Jackets Celebrate Lina Inverse’s 30th Anniversary in Style

Lina and Gourry satin souvenir jackets

The 30th anniversary ofSlayershas already gifted us with tons of gorgeous goods and exciting events. Latest on the list is a pair of shiny satin souvenir jackets, featuring everyone's favorite explosive heroine and sword-wielding sidekick!

The duo ofsukajanhails from theKADOKAWA Store, and are just a few of the many coolSlayersgoods you can pick up. The jackets were made as a response from fans, who have been offering suggestions on the kind of commemorative goods they'd like to see in this anniversary year.

A pink Lina Inverse jacket bears a Demon Blood Talisman on the front and an embroidered portrait of Lina on the back:

Lina Inverse Jacket - front

Lina Inverse Jacket - Back

While the blueGourry Gabriev jacketbears a Sword of Light on the front:

Gourry Jacket - Front

Gourry Jacket - Back

Each jacket is now available for pre-order for 33,000 yen (about $300) each. There's also a folding eco-bag available for 1,760 yen (about $16):

Eco Bag, unfolded

Eco bag, folded

Look forward to more cool goods as part of theSlayers30th anniversary project!

Source: MANTAN Web

Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

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