Get NERV Casual with Evangelion Room Wear

Casual Misato from Evangelion


Get comfy, but stay ready for apocalyptic robot fights, with a new line of comfy room wear from tutuanna. The socks and room wear designer is embarking on their third collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion, offering apparel that's a lot cuter than anything with Angels has a right to be.


Evangelion x tutuanna


The collection kicks off with a set of four medium-support sports bras, in the familiar colors of the show's EVA units. Choose your favorite, or get more than one so you can dress depending on your mood:


Evangelion sports bras


Over top, you can choose from T-shirts featuring Evangelion dialogue, or fuzzy pajamas with a surprisingly cute Angel pattern:


Evangelion shirt and pajamas


Those weirdly adorable Angels are back for more on pairs of signature tutuanna socks, with the same cookie-munching pattern:


Evangelion Angel socks


Goods from previous lines are back, as well, including hoodies and lounge wear.


If you purchase at least 4,000 yen's worth of tutuanna goods, including Evangelion collab goods, you'll get a special tote bag with your order:


Evangelion x tutuanna tote


All products are on sale now via tutuanna and Evangelion stores.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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