Artist Mizutamari Pens Creepy-Cute Tribute to PROMISED NEVERLAND x IDENTITY V Collab


Asymmetrical survival gameIdentity Vhas brought seveal other titles into its creepy, button-eyed world. Next on the list — in Japan, at least — isTHE PROMISED NEVERLAND, as the kids of Grace Field enter (rather appropriately) into the 4v1 game.

The game, heavily inspired by Dead by Daylight(andinformed byDead by Daylight'sdevs), features character designed to look like a hybrid between humans and dolls, with button eyes and obvious stitches. As you might expect, this means thePROMISED NEVERLANDcrossover designs are absolutely awesome:

To that end, artistMizutamarihas penned a collab image for the event, with the series's starring trio front and center:

Other illustrators have been posting their own takes on the art, as well, leading up to the collaboration's release on Japanese servers:

TheIdentity VxPROMISED NEVERLANDcrossover event kicks off tomorrow on Japanese servers.

Source: Anime! Anime!

Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

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